Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit organization, committed to increasing railroad safety and educating the general public about the dangers present at railroad crossings.

We are now certified to present on behalf of Operation Lifesaver, to inform and educate both new and experienced drivers on safe interaction with trains. We are able to provide this service FREE to transportation companies, bus companies, taxi drivers, or any other groups interested in increasing safety at railroad crossings.

Every year in Canada approximately 300 collisions and trespassing incidents occur at highway/railway crossings and along railway tracks resulting in the death or serious injury of nearly 130 people. Virtually all of these incidents could be avoided. Our statistics show Operation Lifesaver education works!

See their website at Test your knowledge of train safety at Train to Drive 2.0, and receive their certificate upon completion.

Our next FREE presentation is scheduled for September 25, 1:30-2:15 pm

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