G1 Course Description

At Advanced Road Craft, the classroom portion of our drivers training is an interactive, informative, and crucial part of the development of driving skills. While we focus on teaching best-practice Ministry of Transportation approved curriculum to our students, we understand that courses must also be fun!

In our classroom portion of the training, students will learn:

  • Positive driving attitudes and behaviours
  • Graduated licensing in Ontario, demerit point system, and law enforcement
  • Signs, markings, and road signals
  • Pre-driving checks and vehicle adjustment
  • How to operate a vehicle in adverse road conditions
  • Safe night driving
  • Effects of impaired / distracted driving
  • Maintaining your vehicle: 101
  • Defensive driving and accident avoidance techniques
  • G2 road test preparation
  • In-class portion of training is a total of 20 Hours

The course also includes a 10 hour Home Link portion, to be completed independently by the client.

The in-car training puts all of the lessons learned from the in-class training into action. Students will practice and learn how to safely:

  • Prepare your vehicle for driving
  • Parallel park, 3-point turn, park on hills, emergency stop, reverse park, and navigate roundabouts.v
  • Drive defensively to exceed Ontario G2 standards
  • Drive in the city, navigate rural routes, and drive on highways
  • Prepare you for all ministry tests
  • In-car training is a total of 10 Hours

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