G-Class Car Care Course


Tire pressure? Fluid levels? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Or an experienced driver looking for basic car care tips to save some money? This course will show you how to save money and will pay for itself many times over!

Designed to help new and experienced drivers maintain one of the most valuable assets they own, this course covers areas not previously covered in basic education courses, but are just as important. Join us in a fun, interactive learning environment!

The G-Class Car Care Course includes 4 hours in-class instruction and 1 hours in our parking lot, applying the topics discussed in-class, which include:

  • Daily and weekly safety checks
  • Minor, preventative maintenance
  • Tips on safety equipment to keep on board at all times
  • And more!

Courses run monthly, generally on a Sunday morning starting at 9:30. Corporate/group courses can be booked to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information, and check our Course Schedule for upcoming dates; our next course is scheduled for Sunday, September 25, 2016, 9 am – 1 pm.

Price: $80.00+HST = $90.04



 “Show you care, drive aware.”