Female driver texting

Distracted Driving: We have a solution!


Statistics paint a nasty picture (from Waterloo Chronicle, September 8, 2015):

Waterloo Regional Police: 1,115 distracted driving tickets already this year.

Ontario Provincial Police: Up to July 23, 12,423 distracted driving charges laid, and 41 deaths on OPP-patrolled roads have been attributed to distracted driving so far this year.

Distracted Driving is epidemic in our country – and now Advanced Road Craft has a solution! We can offer technology to prevent the driver from using their phone while the car is in motion – resisting temptation and preventing collisions before they happen. This will NOT affect any passengers’ ability to use their devices.

This is great for new drivers, to build lifelong safe driving habits – and great for experienced drivers to break dangerous habits. You can also receive an electronic report on your driving habits.

We are the only authorized retailers in Ontario – be one of the first in Canada to have this device in your vehicle! Contact us today for more details!

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