Car Training G1


“I have been to other driving schools in Toronto, and failed my G1 exit test twice before coming to Advanced Road Craft in Kitchener. The quality of service and instruction that I got at ARC is significant in comparison. I took the in-class lessons at ARC (even though at first I wasn’t planning to) and found that I learned more in that class, especially from the perspective of motorcycles and trucks on the road as Mick (instructor) also teaches AZ and M licenses. The in-car portion was taught by Andrew and again, I was impressed by the quality and professionalism. He is calm and trustworthy. Doesn’t go on his phone or make students run errands (you would be surprised how many car instructors do!). What I liked about Andrew is his constant reminders, compliments, tips and moral support throughout the lesson. This driving school is worth every penny and I will be coming back for their highway lessons and winter driving course! A+ company! I PASSED MY G2!” – Karen, G1 student

“Want to thank Mick very much for helping our daughter with her driving skills. We had signed her up with a different driving school, she went through the whole course and we even paid for more road lessons. She then failed her first G2 attempt and we as parents knew she wasn’t ready to be driving by herself. I had heard through a friend about Advanced Road Craft and was happy the we could get our daughter in for some extra lessons. She was very happy and said how much better her experience was and also how much more she had learned. We as parents also witnessed how much her driving skills improved after only two 2 hr. lessons. Our daughter had a total of 4 lessons, did her drive test again (in the pouring rain) and passed with a great mark. I would recommend everyone I know to use Advanced Road Craft for their children. It’s sad to say there are a lot of Driving schools out there that are doing a very poor job at teaching young kids how to drive and be well enough prepared for the seriousness of being on the road as a new driver. I’m glad now that I was made aware of Advanced Road Craft and that in 2 more years when our next daughter turns 16 there will be NO question what school she’ll be attending. Thanks again Mick for your passion to give the highest quality training possible. Your enthusiasm and truly caring personality makes choosing Advanced Road Craft the best choice!” -Lissa, mother of G1 student

“The first thing that comes into my mind with ARC is ‘Wow’! I have just finished my in-car lessons and I feel much more comfortable with my driving abilities than ever before. Mick is such a wonderful instructor, genuinely caring about every single student’s safety and teaching us to his utmost ability. (Which coincidently, is over and above amazing with all of his vast experience!) Mick was such a wonderful instructor for me, my safe-driving habits have improved leaps and bounds with the way he teaches. His way of teaching is perfect in my opinion, he is very calm when speaking with the student, easing them just enough so they aren’t tense. (But not too lax either.) Once the student feels comfortable (which for me was doing a few laps in an empty parking lot as we chatted) Mick teaches the many ins and outs of safe driving, making sure that we learn as much as possible during the 10 hours we have in-car. I honestly believe I could not have learned so much anywhere else, ARC is definitely going places! Cheers mate!” -Ben, G1 student

“Mick is probably the most knowledgable and passionate driving instructor in the KW Region. He truly cares about making sure every driver is trained past the average standard to ensure the driver is able to navigate not only the roads safely, but is equipped and ready to avoid almost any accident caused by anything, from nature to trucks to drunk drivers. Aside from the many invaluable and detailed extra training sessions (winter driving, roundabouts, etc.), the Ministry of Transportation Test preparation courses are particularly stand out courses. Mick teaches these courses with one goal, to ensure you are comfortable and 300% ready to safely operate a vehicle. By the end of the course you are beyond ready and driving the vehicle itself becomes second nature. To Mick, the tests aren’t a very high priority, rather a mere checkup of the basics you learn from him. And this is exactly what they become, a simple checkup you barely think twice about, confident and no question you’re getting 100%. Although Advanced RoadCraft is still in it’s beginning stages, there’s no doubt this company will soon be the prestigious driving school of the region.” -Alten, G1 student

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Advanced Road Craft. Upon entering the office within the first day, we were warmly greeted and made comfortable. In class was kept light and fun, but we studied some heavy subjects that were handled with utmost respect. I felt perfectly comfortable and trained on road signs, road side procedures, and how to use the road effectively and safely when beginning my in car training. I spent 10 hours in car and doubled with a friend of mine to increase observation time and add some fun 🙂 I have come out of my training with ease on the roads. I now drive defensively and I look forward to gaining more experience with Advanced Road Craft in the future. Job well done!” -Autumnrose, G1 student

“Advanced Road Craft is a driving school I’d recommend not only to new drivers but ones who want to ensure safety on the road. Beginning the course, I was nervous and not confident in my abilities and now, at the end of a mere 10 hours in class and 10 hours in car I was taken by surprise at the amount of confidence I gained. Not only was it an exceptional experience but the friendly atmosphere helped to reduce any nerves I was feeling. I truly felt that the education I gained will prepare me for the rest of my life. With all of Mick’s experience I never once had a doubt about my choice of which driving school would be the best for me.” – Rachel, G1 student

“Treated as an adult – very nice. Advanced Road Craft is a great school. I love learning things students wouldn’t be taught at other schools – practical, life long lessons that might save my life as well as others.” – Amber, G1 student

“Mick was fantastic! He was a seriously amazing instructor, and taught me so much, I look forward to coming back to future courses taught by him on the ‘Gold Package’. Instructors are fantastic, giving not only the facts, but also so much more that we can improve on day in and day out. Motivating in a sense, that we are not just here to learn, but to learn by experience and to be more then just the ‘bare minimum’.” -Kaylie, G1 student

“Mick used very real and personal experiences that added a very ‘real’ aspect to the course. Very cozy classroom, I would be pleased if someday you would have a chain of your school. Thank you for this excellent learning experience. I look forward to continuing the ‘Gold’ package.” – Meghan, G1 student

“My son went through the ARC program. I have nothing but praise and good things to say about Mick, his team and the program they teach.Advanced Road Craft taught my son the techniques and driving skills that he will need to keep him safe on the road. That’s peace of mind you can’t put a price on. Great work guys!” -Greg, father of G1 student

“Advanced Road Craft was a good school filled with friendly instructors and staff. I felt comfortable and learned a lot about how to be a good, safe defensive driver. Classes were organized and filled with important, useful information on how to react to situations and how to best prevent collisions and accidents. Overall, great experience and I would recommend this place for young driers who want to learn.” – Sophia, G1 student

“My daughter just finished her in-car lessons with Mick. He is a wonderful trainer and she felt very comfortable driving with him. The in-class course was very good as well, preparing her to pass her G1 test easily. I would highly recommend Advanced Road Craft for any new driver. My daughter and her three friends have now all done the course. My son took his training course a few years ago at another local school and neither of us were impressed. I wish I had known about Advanced Road Craft then.” -Angela, mother of G1 student

“Advanced Road Craft is the place to go if you want to learn how to drive and be safe on the road. I 100% recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive and be safe on the roads.” -Ethyan, G1 student

“All the classes were easy to understand and kept interesting… It is always a pleasure to interact and talk with the staff… [Instructor was] very friendly, easy to understand, always a pleasure to interact with and talk to… An excellent school that should be recommended to anyone who wants to drive.” -Edward, G1 student

“Mick inspires students to achieve driving excellence that extends beyond the basics necessary to for passing a test. I finished studying with him, with principles of safe, defensive driving instilled within me. He answered all of my questions clearly with plenty of personal experience gained as a professional driver. Anyone concerned about making roads in Ontario safer should enroll themselves or their children in Mick’s class.” -Marc, G1 student

“When I was looking for a driving school, I had a goal of going to the best place I could. I’d heard stories from friends of how ‘boring’ driving school was. That’s what I believed was the case for every school. But I was greatly surprised when I attended Advanced Road Craft. The classes were fun and engaging. I found this school very unique as we were taught in a UK form of driving. European drivers are way more educated and experienced than North American drivers, so I was happy to learn some of their ways. This school is centered around safety. Mick, who has millions of km’s of experience under his belt, has seen a lot. He wants to stress the idea of safety to us young people. I appreciated that. The smaller classes allowed for a more one on one experience. I know I retained a lot more from that. Overall this school deserves the title of the #1 driver’s school in K-W. I believe it is the only uniquely different school in the Region… I’ve already started to recommend this school, to friends at school and family.” -Deji, G1 student

“Advanced Road Craft was a very helpful, fun and knowledgeable course to take. I’m glad I took the course because it will help me out when I start driving and I will know how to deal with certain situations. I’ve learned a lot for this course and it’s definitely worth the money.” -Diondre, G1 student

“It seems that the instructors at ARC really care about the success of their students, up to the point that they will even offer the car they train you in to use on your exit tests.” -Riley, G1 student

“This was a great driving school, no complaints. The staff was awesome! I would recommend to everyone that wants to learn to drive.” -Morgan, G1 student

“It was an overall great experience! The classroom was always kept in great shape and clean. Mick was great! I learned a lot and easy to remember material was taught. I recommend to anyone.” -Rickardo, G1 student

Anonymous Quotes from our Course Feedback Form (all G1 students):

“(Wendy, in class instructor) Awesome! She was so nice.”

“Wendy (in class instructor) made the lessons feel fun and exciting.”

“Wendy (in class instructor) was awesome, fun and exciting.”

“Like friends! Treated like adults and how I want to be treated.”

“I was impressed with the overall experience and felt that I learned more about driving than I thought I would.”

“Explanations and experiences help a lot to truly understand material. Learned more than curriculum and I think that was unexpected but valuable. Definitely recommendation worthy.”

“I had a good time because it was relaxed and very interesting.”

“You need this to be able to drive safely. A good choice, will tell my friends.”

“Treated us like equals.”

“Waaay better than school teachers. We learned a lot but it was still fun.”

“Made me think differently about driving and taught me a lot of valuable lessons and tips; was related to real life stories which was good.”

“Definitely will recommend this to all of my friends!”

“Very good. Mick and Wendy knew what they were talking about and had a story about almost every situation.”

I greatly enjoyed my overall experience with Advanced Road Craft. I will be recommending to my friends and family.”


Motorcycle Advanced

As seen in the Motorcycle times, December 2011, by Evan Morris, on our Advanced Motorcycle Course:

“…The idea of constant practice is a theme within the course, pushing the correct attitude as you learn. Sayer also uses statistics to provide strength to his teaching. 51% of accidents are the result of driver error and 48% are single vehicle crashes. Those numbers really bring home the need for this specialized training.

“As we progressed through some good natured, but informative talks about braking, traction and even a tutorial on the correct way to use the new round-abouts that are replacing intersections in Ontario, I discovered that we were effortlessly being given new ideas and techniques that had never occurred to me. The other students in the room were all experienced motorcyclists and also felt that they were increasing their knowledge.

“…As a 35+ year rider, with instructing, racing and many other riding credentials, I will say that I learned a lot and do believe that my skills and comfort level have improved enough that I strongly feel the course to be worth the money and time.

“…I believe that if every rider took a course like this, there would be fewer accidents.”


AZ Corporate Training

Hello Mick, 

I just wanted to thank you again for coming and presenting at our employee meeting. The round-about portion sure has stirred an interest from a lot of drivers. Most of the comments I’ve heard have been related to the signalling requirements and that most didn’t know the proper ways to signal, including myself. I had another driver just leave my desk saying how much he appreciated you and the Operation Life Saver, and how he had forgotten how dangerous it can be around railroad tracks.  


Jeff Lambier | HR & Safety Compliance | Ivan Armstrong Trucking