G-Class Winter Driving Course

Cold weather? Snow? Ice? Like it or not, winter driving is a fact of life in Ontario, and we have to prepare ourselves and our vehicle for all driving conditions. At Advanced Road Craft, we are committed to making our clients safer, more confident drivers – no matter what weather conditions they face! Join us in a fun, interactive learning environment and get yourself winter-ready.

The course includes 5 hours of in-class instruction and 2 hours of in-car instructor observation/training, covering subjects such as:

  • Tips for winterizing your vehicle
  • Safe winter-driving techniques: how and why our habits need to change in certain conditions
  • Skid prevention
  • Responding to winter-specific situations
  • And more!

Courses will run monthly, generally on a Saturday morning in the months leading up to, and throughout, the winter driving season. In-class start times will be 9:00, and the in-car portion can be done on your own schedule (and mother nature’s). Corporate/group courses can be booked to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information, and check our Course Schedule for upcoming dates.

Our next Winter Driving Course is scheduled for Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 9am – 2pm. Register today!

Price: $150.00+HST = $169.50

“Show you care, drive aware.”