G-Class Defensive Driving Course

For ALL Drivers

At Advanced Road Craft, our number one mission is improving safety on our roads – and the best way to do that is to improve the knowledge set of drivers. Passing your ministry tests are just the beginning of a lifetime of safe, confident driving.

An experienced driver? Don’t need any more training? Our promise to you is this: Just when you think there’s nothing new to learn about driving, we’ll show you, “You don’t know, what you don’t know”.  If we can’t teach you anything new, there is no charge!

Our G-Class Defensive Driving Course includes 5 hours in-class instruction, and 2 hours of in-car instructor observation/training, covering subjects such as:

  • Collision Statistics
  • The five rules of defensive driving
  • Commentary Driving
  • Introduction of the UK police system of vehicle control and defensive driving for experienced drivers
  • And more!

In the coming months, we will be introducing our Advanced G-Class Defensive Driving Course, so stay tuned! Completion of Advanced Road Craft’s G-Class Defensive Driving Course will be a pre-requisite.

Courses run, on a Saturday morning starting at 9:00, and the in-car portion can be done on your own schedule. Corporate/group courses can be booked to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information, and check our Course Schedule for upcoming dates.

Please note: This course is for EXPERIENCED drivers only; all participants must hold a full G-licence (not G1 or G2).

Our next course is scheduled for Saturday, Saturday, September 17, at 9am – 2pm Register on-line or contact us at the office.

Price: $150.00+HST = $169.50

“Show you care, drive aware.”